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Remember your WHY!

This statement is what drives us as a business, day in and day out. You may ask yourself, what does it mean? To all of us at Modernized Concepts, it is the meaning behind why we do what we do.

As entrepreneurs we all have our own unique reasons why we started our business. It can be as simple as we wanted the freedom that comes with working for yourself, or as complex and deep as wanting to create something that can benefit all of society and leave a lasting impact on the world as we know it; and everything in between.

To us our why was to change the landscape of the small business world. We realized that too many small businesses with lots of potential never get the opportunity to succeed due to internal and external factors; that we feel can be changed.

As entrepreneurs we all have our good days and our bad. It’s easy to keep pushing forward on the good days, but on our bad days we all can begin to question ourselves and our abilities. When we have those days what gives us the confidence and strength to persist on is reminding ourselves of our reason WHY. Why we do what we do and why it’s so important to us. “Your reasons Why need to be stronger and more powerful, than any excuses as to why not”.

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